The PGSA, founded in late 1993, is an organisation run by and for postgraduate students. The Association aims to enhance postgraduate life at HKU by encouraging postgraduate to take an active interest in their welfare and in participating in academic and social events. The Association is independent of the University and the Students' Union, and is open to all postgraduate students, whether full-time or part-time, and regardless of the courses being undertaken. The Association derives its income from the small membership fee of $100; and membership cover the postgraduates' course duration. The Association holds regular activities such as sports and ball game days, parties, group outings and trips and lectures of special relevance to postgraduate life. These activities aim to bring the postgraduate population closer together in extra-curricular social settings.

It is exciting that a Common Room designated for use by the PGSA is available for use. It is situated at Room 407, Level P4 of the Graduate House. Some activities are sometimes held there. Notices regarding the Association and its events are posted there too. Notices are also found on the PGSA bulletin board near the Bookstore, on the computer news group hku.pgsa, as well as on the Internet Website The Association can be reached by leaving a message to the email address, or at the PGSA Office in the Graduate House.
A close-knit postgraduate population is vital to achieving better postgraduate welfare and acquiring a strong voice. Nowadays, there is already wide representation in some University bodies and committees, which are vehicles for PGSA to voice its concerns. PGSA needs enthusiastic postgraduates to help run the Association and serve on these University bodies and committees. Membership application forms are available from the Postgraduate Common Room, the Graduate School Office in the Graduate House, and any Executive Committee member through e-mail.