The Student Unit of the Finance and Enterprises office (FEO), located on 1/F, Knowles Building, is available to offer assistance on financial dealings in relation to fees and charges and payment of scholarships, bursary, and loan awards. Fees and charges are available to individual students for viewing through the Student Information System (SIS). Payment must be made by the due date. For details of the payment methods available, please visit the website at

A student who has not paid his/her fees within 30 days after the due date shall be de-registered and shall be prohibited from using University facilities and services. To subsequently re-instate student status, the student will have to pay a surcharge of 10% of the outstanding fees, or $500, whichever is the lesser. The student may additionally be required to compensate the University for any late payment or non-payment of fees.

Payment of scholarships, bursaries and loans and any refunds to a student is normally made directly to a student’s bank account, accompanied by a notification e-mail to the student directly. You are therefore requested to open a savings or current account with a bank of your choice in Hong Kong and to enter your bank account details during the online registration process. You can subsequently amend or update your bank account details through SIS. For more details, please contact SIS Project Office by e-mail at or by phone at 2819 0777.

For more information about the FEO, please visit their website at